About CPE du Campus

Founded on April 1st 1988, the Centre de la Petite Enfance du Campus is a non-profit corporation according to Part III of the Loi sur les Compagnies du Québec. CPE du Campus is located on the MacDonald Campus of McGill University in Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue. Priority for places in our daycare is given to members of the campus community, including full-time students and staff of both McGill University and John Abbott College. Parents searching for a West Island CPE for their children will be delighted by the daycare services we offer.

Our CPE holds a permit for 60 places. Presently the distribution is as follows:

  • Infants        3 to 18 months : 10 places
  • Children    18 to 59 months : 50 places

The CPE also accepts children with special needs, provided that they can integrate harmoniously in the functioning of the group and/or we can provide for their needs.


Mission of CPE du Campus

The goal of CPE du Campus is to offer a service where the child will have a stimulating, safe and warm environment.

At the CPE, the belief is that the child must feel at home.  We provide a warm environment in which all children feel accepted.  The child must be able to develop his independence, his tenacity, and his socialization skills in a context of mutual respect.

We partner with families to provide a healthy, nurturing and supportive learning community. Together, we foster the global development of each child as a unique person.

Pedagogical Program
Basic Overview

The CPE is a place a child can feel comfortable and secure. While remaining warm and welcoming, our environment must be structured and stimulating in order to encourage the development of the child. We believe the child learns in each and every moment of the day. The adult must stimulate the child, offering a range of activities that develop different aspects of his or her development.

The CPE framework is based on the Ministry of Education program. For example, our classroom setup and our daily schedule are inspired from “High Scope”, but educators can draw from other educational programs to comply with their objectives. These learning objectives are aimed at the global development of the child through these developmental areas:

  • Physical and motor
  • Cognitive
  • Language
  • Social, emotional, moral

Established in respect of the 5 basic principles:

  • Each child is a unique person
  • Child development is a comprehensive, integrated process
  • Children are the primary agents of their development
  • Children learn through play
  • Cooperation between childcare personnel and parents contributes to the harmonious development of the child.


CPE du Campus Slideshow

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